The machine made red wine glass proudly above the norm because of its clear contours. The patented stainless steel sleeve as completion guarantees perfectly balanced drinking pleasure and unique species stand with various possibilities of use.

  • Strongly akcentuated cubic shape
  • The solid stainless steel sleeve is available in various surfaces
  • Aimed at top caterers as well as wine lovers.
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The design of the glass convinces with its generous waist, which allows the wine to breathe perfectly. The widest point is set on low, so that even a little wine offers a large surface. Compromise no more. Drink with pleasure and style – anytime, anywhere. With the special detail, a Swarovsky Crystal at the bottom of the sleeve, you can indulge the finest wine with top style, no mess and no fuss.

Be it a Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Pinot Meunier or St. Laurent, the bouquet can fulfil ist promise perfectly.

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Height: 245 mm / 9 3/4'', Diameter: 116 mm / 4 1/2'', Volume: 708 ml / 25 oz


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