Premium POLYCARBONAT Champagne Flute

Combines the strength of polycarbonate, with the elegance and clarity of crystal glass.

  • Unbreakable
  • highquality premium polycarbonat
  • Worlds best alternative to glass
  • The composition out of stainless steel is obtainable in various exterior designs.
  • Exceptional grip and manifold possibilities for use.
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Premium polycarbonat by Timeless Details® is a high-quality range of beverage ware that combines the extreme strength of polycarbonate, with the elegance and clarity of glass. All Timeless Details® beverage ware undergoes a unique hand-flame finishing process to extend the lifespan of the product, and remove manufacturing join lines, rough lips and edges – giving a more pleasurable drinking experience. The high-quality finish, along with the crystal-clear transparency, make them the perfect alternative to glass tableware. The polycarbonate material is virtually unbreakable making it the perfect solution for those outdoor spaces where glass is not permitted such as swimming pool areas, hot tubs; or for those long summer nights entertaining outdoors where broken glass could really spoil the party.

With Timeless Details® lasting longer than most alternatives, you can enjoy the experience of drinking from the world’s best glass alternative without having to worry about the dangers and costs of breakages.

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Capacity: 5.5 fluid ounces

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