With ith appropriate bath foam and a good glass of wine, bath time quickly turns into a small, intimate luxury.

Get your hands free.

The stainless steel and natural wood accessories from Timeless Details® reveal uniqueness for the personal wellness haven on a universal level. Stylish indulgence for all those who love elegance and design.

Whether in a bathtub, a jacuzzi or a swimming pool, the luxurious, mouth-blown Timeless Details® glasses, extraordinary with a stem only, can be placed in a distinctive manner within the Carme inserts. Never again will a glass be knocked off the bath rim accidentally.


Made from solid stainless steel, the premium quality inserts guarantee safe positioning on every bath and basin rim. Upon request, each insert can also be decorated with Swarovski Crystals.


Timeless Details® provides a comprehensive range of premium quality glasses that are particularly favoured in bathrooms. The Zwiesel Tritan Protect glass contains improved shatter protection.


The selected exemplars rendered by nature itself, enhance every spa with an extraordinary and pragmatic special feature.

Color Harmony

Small decorative accessories like the Dione candle holder, add a touch of luxurious intimacy to bath time tranquility.

Simple Assembly

The inserts are standard and are currently integrated by all primary partners. Transforming a bathroom into a luxurious wellness haven by personally assembling the inserts, can be easily accomplished at any time.

With the Timeless Details® inserts, the glasses are securely anchored and remain at the rim of a whirlpool – you don’t have to care about the vibrations.

There are no limits to individual wishes. If you would like to place your glass after a relaxing bath you will find numerous possibilities in the Timeless Details® Natureline.