It all began, when Timeless Details decided to reinvent the glass. Today, we offer an ever-growing, top-quality line of exceptional glasses and gorgeous stainless steel accessories for your table, bath, lifestyle and travels.


Timeless Details® products are not only beautiful, but also functional.

While every product is designed and handmade with extreme attention to detail, our diverse product line ranges from one-of-a-kind pieces for service and impressive presentation to luxurious bathtub accessories. And your material and finish of choice is also most certainly available. What is the constant element that ties our product line together? The handmade stainless steel components that ensure that every piece is top-quality, beautiful and (perhaps most importantly) reliable.


Our commitment to excellence and innovative know how manifests itself in exceptional design and fantastic functionality. Due to this perfect combination, our products will not only capture your attention & curiosity at first glance, but become a trusted and delightful element of your daily life. We’re eager to impress you and earn your trust through an unparalleled experience.


It starts with a glass, but is also so much more. From beautifully decorated tables awaiting your holiday guests to that intimate, private moment on vacation, our products will support and enable you to indulge in style – no matter where you are and with whom you’re celebrating!

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in our current product line, contact us and we’re more than happy to design and create the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece that will suit your needs and make your soul smile.


The fascinatingly noble surfaces are available in four different versions. Each product is hand polished to get the standard “mirror style”. The “titan, gold and black pearl style” is a special additional surface treatment in order to be able to serve even the most exclusive ways of extraordinary table culture.

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All Timeless Details® products are made of solid stainless steel. This makes them – in comparison to the hollow products that exist on the market – heavier and thus more stable – even on the high seas. In addition, stainless steel is a robust product with long, untroubled pleasure.

Whether as a modern-simple design or as a crystal-filled luxury variant: with different shapes, surfaces and designs, there are no limits to creativity. In addition to the standard versions, individual wishes (such as engraving, or color selection of the Swarovski Crystals) are also available upon request.