Through its elegant form and exceptional in-the-hand feeling, the (reinvented) glass of a new generation provides endless possibilities for enjoying your lifestyle of choice.
Timeless Details CARME with Glass

The unique and patented innovation from Timeless Details®, ensures that every moment is gorgeous… and unforgettable.

You’ll find the top-quality Timeless Details® glasses in their custom glass holders, perfectly integrated in tables of every kind, yachts, bathtubs, mobile homes and event airplanes.

Dive into the world of Timeless Details® – a world where traditional limitations, styles and even gravity don’t count. Let Timeless Details® inspire new possibilities for your enjoyment and entertainment. The sky is the limit.


Let Timeless Details® make your top memories even more unforgettable. Why not invest in the absolute best? You deserve it, you are worth it.

Whether on a yacht, in a private jet or at the grand entrance of a gorgeous gala, these exclusive glasses – constructed from the highest quality glass and complemented by stunning stainless steel accessories – guarantee an unparelled experience. It is our promise to you, that you will never again have to compromise when it comes to quality, design or functionality. With Timeless Details® you can truly have it all.


in Austria

Every product from the Timeless Details® brand is made by hand, for you, in Austria.


Patented Innovation

By reinventing the glass and its many uses, Timeless Details® has created a new world of opportunity when it comes to entertainment and consumption.


Function meets Design

Compromise no more. Drink with pleasure and style – anytime, anywhere.

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